Trane R600 - Side

1st Job | 1st Customer | Helping Hand

It is always humbling to remember how it all began… what was the first job, who was the first customer & who gave you that helping hand in business when you needed it most.

First job = 1 x Trane R600
First customer = Haden Karratha – David Crooks
That helping hand = Eric Pritchard – Owner of Strickfuss Electrical

Clearly, a home office via the kitchen bench lasted about 10 days!! Adam had worked with Eric Pritchard & the team at Strickfuss Electrical since 1994, as during Adam’s Trane Perth days, rebuilding reciprocating compressors was one of the major services & skills offered.

Eric briefly mentioned that he had some office space available at his workshop in Osborne Park, & he would happily put up some walls to build a small workshop too. In true Eric Pritchard style, he understated & overdelivered his offer. Airvision now had 1 reception area, 2 offices & 1 newly built massive workshop larger than most, not to mention the extensive access to Eric’s entire tool kit & workshop too!!

This then enabled Airvision to continue their ability to service & rebuild reciprocating compressors. This is where Haden Karratha, David Crooks & the 1st Trane R600 strip & report job was done.

These pictures are from May 2006, however that burnt stator smell will never leave the memory!