1st Day at Airvision - April 2006

Airvision’s 15th Year in Business!!

As the calendar rolls over to April 2021, this moment in time marks Airvision’s 15th Year in Business!!

In 2006, two Trane “born & bred” Chiller Technicians decided to step out of their comfort zone & create a business that took Chiller Servicing, Maintenance & Optimisation to a completely different level. Today, this business is Airvision – chillers | data | solutions.

Over the next few months, we will share our journey detailing where it all began, profiles of the well-known & extremely skilled AV Team Members, an absolute multitude of chiller stories & pictures, plus an insight into the latest & highly anticipated offering by Airvision – named AVData.

This image is the 1st day of Airvision – We are certain many can relate to this setup… the kitchen table at home!!