Nihal Wickramaratna - 2021

AV Team Member Profile | Nihal Wickramaratna

Chiller Technical Advisor & Senior Chiller Technician:

  • 40 years plus industry experience
  • 6 years working with Airvision
  • 15 years working with Trane Air Conditioning (Perth)
  • A True Gentleman of the HVAC Industry

Nihal joined the team at Airvision in 2015 as a Senior Chiller Technician, but like all great stories, there is a strong beginning, a very impressive middle, & we are still writing the end!!

Nihal’s journey began as an apprentice Motor Mechanic back in Colombo (date not disclosed 😊)… & upon completion, moved over to HVAC (again, date not disclosed 😊).

This is when Nihal’s immense career commenced, & is now one of the most sought after & respected HVAC & Chiller Technicians across two Continents. Nihal has worked throughout the Middle East & Australia, working on almost every facet of the HVAC industry, utilising his highly skilled technical ability to resolve anything that is thrown his way!!

An interesting side note:

  • In the early 1990’s, Nihal’s first job in Perth landed him at Central Park, & consisted of identifying all HVAC assets across all floors (51 officially) & then commissioning of all such assets… all while the multiple passenger lifts were NOT in operation!! Close two 2 ½ years of work.

You will still find Nihal flying the AV Flag, working across multiple Chiller plant rooms in Perth. Whether he’s performing 12 monthly checks on a 2000kW CHVE, resolving a classic inverted Chiller start on a cold winter’s morning, or a complex Danfoss Turbocor diagnosis, Nihal will always be smiling & calm in his ways…

As Nihal is heading towards the pointy end of his career, if you ever meet him onsite, it is a must that you take some time out & let Nihal share some stories from his extensive journey across the Chiller & HVAC industry.

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