Crown | New Liquid Line Pipe Work | Upgrade 2021

Smardt Chiller Upgrade | 2500kWr

The Airvision team recently conducted a total Chiller Controls & Refrigeration Pipework upgrade on the 2nd largest Smardt Chiller in WA – 5 x DTC TT400 compressors – 2500kWr.

Originally built in 2007, it was time for a major component refresh & chiller performance enhancement. Removing 2 x original 5 slot large EXV’s, old style HGBP injection, Carel pCO3 controller, pGD3 display, & the EXV2 controllers.

The Smardt Chiller now consists of a new Smardt pCO5 controller, a Smardt pGD Touch 7” colour display, new Carel EVD Twin controller, a completely upgraded & re-engineered liquid line, consisting of 3 x new Sporlan EXV’s & new compressor motor cooling supply lines. It also now has 5 x new individually controlled Danfoss EXV compressor staging valves.

We must make a special mention for the re-engineering & quality of pipework installation completed by AV’s Dave Browne… One of the highest satisfactions you will receive on the job is when the entire team is in amazement of what you have created… this is not pipework, it is ART, which should be hanging in a gallery!! It will be proudly on display for the remaining life of this chiller.